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·        Over 30 years-experience in business administration; implementation of a cost-effective business plan with emphasis on profit margins, employee and clientele retention and recruitment;

·        Over 25 years-experience as a Field Investigator, Special Investigations Unit and Intelligence Investigator, with specific training as a Field Supervisor, Case and Operations Manager with over 100 cases and 50 or more investigators;

·        Extensive education in Business, Criminal Justice, Criminal and Civil Investigations, Behavioral Psychology, Law/Law Enforcement, Broadcast and Print Media;

·        Excellent knowledge of the justice system, hearings, pre-trial, post-trial, sentencing and post-convictions;

·        Published Journalist with excellent oral and written communication skills;




5/1997 to Present          Tennessee Licensed Private Investigator-Litigation Support Specialist


12/1998 to Present        Field Investigator/Supervisor, Litigation Support Specialist


·         Founder of a Tennessee licensed private investigation and legal support agency;

·         Proven track record with earned recognition of colleagues;

·         Developed, established and implemented numerous plans and strategies to achieve company visions, for short and long term objectives in alignment with the company?s mission;

·         Networked with resources and developed a support system for company recruitment and retention;

·         Created a positive work environment to encourage teamwork, cooperation and collaboration of company staff;

·         Acted as the face and voice for the company exhibiting a positive example through words and behavior and showing self-accountability to staff, media, professional regulatory bodies, and clientele;

·         Developed, maintained and implemented policies, systems, and procedures for the company with random and scheduled reviews for compliance and audits;

·         Set the environment for identifying and learning from errors to work effectively in diverse cultures and environments;

·         Established and implemented a training program for vendors, contractors and employees for compliance with state licensing requirements; Instructed one-on-one and team training on investigative topics, equipment and software;

·         Planned and executed investigation, including SIU procedure, into claims relating to bodily injury, liability, property damage, medical, worker's compensation, and other civil and criminal matters;

·         Assessed and identified risk potentials and provided fraud awareness training, safety training and other risk management services;

·         Traveled as necessary to respond quickly and positively to demands of case related matters and clientele;

·         Worked high volume cases, with tight deadlines and handled multiple, detailed tasks simultaneously;

·         Managed Daily Operations, Market Research and Analysis, Financial Analysis of Budgets and Projections;

·         Presenter and Speaker to diverse audiences on topics relating to the legal, insurance and investigative industries;

·         Managed data acquisitions; verified data integrity and corrected errors, reformat covert data, design forms and report formats.

·         Selected and managed outside vendors;

·         Configured laptops and external hard drives with databases for use at presentations, depositions, trials, or client meetings.

  Business Promotions and Advertising

·         Researched, Identified and Consulted companies on products, promotions and advertising services for various audiences within an industry;

·         Established and implemented customer loyalty programs; Designed and Created Logo?s and Images for customers to identify and recognize to raise customer awareness of a product or brand, generate sales, and create brand loyalty;

·         Identified and Selected products to attract a targeted audience through physical environment, traditional media or digital media relating to price, product, promotion, and place;

·         Consulted on Recruiting, Training and Retention of employees, subcontractors and vendors;

·         Consulted on operating budgets, payroll, overhead cost, advertising and promotional incentives, future expansion.

  Social Security Disability Advocate:

·         Represented individuals who are applying for disability benefits under the guidelines of the Social Security Administration from the Initial Application to Reconsideration to Administrative Law Judge Hearings and Appeals Council;

·         Identified legal issues and develop legal theories, glean the law from reading prior cases, cross-examine witnesses, and write legal briefs;

·         Conduct Client interview; Review and Interpret medical records;

·         Formulated questionnaires and Representative Briefs? pertaining to the Client?s medical condition, symptoms and chief complaints, living arrangements and disabilities in comparison to the Rules and Regulation Guidelines set forth by the Social Security Administration;

·         Appear and present the individual?s claim for benefits before an Administrative Law Judge


01/2016 to Present        Field Investigator - SUI

ETHOS RISK SERVICES                                   

·         Planned and executed investigation into claims relating to bodily injury, liability, property damage, medical, worker's compensation and more;

·         Worked independently with minimal supervision utilizing a home-based office;

·         Travel as necessary;

·         Completed reports of investigations and surveillance logistics, electronic data gathering and canvassing;


01/26/2015 to 09/30/2016 SIU - Field Investigator/Supervisor - Intelligence Investigator

CONTEGO SERVICES GROUP                                   

·         Field Investigator, Special Investigation Unit and Intelligence Investigator; cross trained as a Field Supervisor, Case and Operations Manager;

·         Planned, executed and assigned cases for investigation into claims relating to bodily injury, liability, property damage, medical, worker's compensation and more;

·         Proven track record with the earned recognition of my colleagues;

·         October 2015 ?Investigation of the Month? winner;

·         Field Supervisor over 100 cases and 50 or more investigators;

·         Reviewed cases, executed skip tracing through research and pretext techniques; 

·         Composed Investigative Reports; Reviewed and Edited Investigative Reports of investigators, Video Documentation, including Covert/Undercover Documentation;

·         Reviewed and entered case notations on case management system; assisted other investigators in daily case activities and investigative results;

·         Traveled as necessary, working varied, irregular hours and days for quick response to claim scenes to secure evidence, claimant and witness statements;

·         Reviewed case instructions for cost effective investigative results with minimal expenses;

 1994 ? 2000                  Office Manager/Tax Consultant/Market Research Analyst

                                    Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Franchise, Knoxville, TN                                    

·         Recruited by a franchise tax preparation company to consult in the formation of the franchise and management of two (2) locations;

·         Managed Daily Operations, Recruitment and Training of employees for all positions within the company;

·         Instructor of tax classes.

·         Prepared tax returns and consulted on future deductions available to the client.


1991- 1996                   Litigation Paralegal and Legal Support Specialist

·         Identified and marketed legal support services to a target audience to demonstrate outsourcing of services without incurring any of the employment related costs or liabilities that come from hiring a full or part-time employee;

·         Executed legal support services to law firms, corporations and other businesses on an as needed basis; Services varied on the needs and practice areas of the client, for a short term or long term contract;

·         Established questions for depositions and interrogatories;

·         Conducted witness interviews and prepared witnesses for trial;

·         Drafted pleadings for Trials and Appeals; Prepared Trial Notebooks;

·         Conducted research on state and federal statutes, case law reviews and/or opinions;

·         Accompanied Clients to court and assisted as applicable.


Bail-Enforcement Agent

·         Worked as Bail-Enforcement Agent for multiple bail bond companies; conducted skip tracing research to locate and apprehend and return the fugitives to the appropriate jurisdiction;


1989                             TENNESSEE 7TH DISTRICT DRUG TASK FORCE


1981 - Present              COMMUNITY ADVOCATE




Proven track record as a Field and Intelligence Investigator, Supervisor and Manager; Computer proficient in Microsoft Office, Works, WordPerfect, Power Point Presentation, Document Imaging, Quick Books, Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle, Website Design, and Internet Research.


·         Background-Intelligence Investigations (Pre-employment/Background, Judgment Enforcement, Asset Location, Skip Tracing)

·         Criminal Defense (DUI/DWI, Juvenile Matters, (child abuse), misdemeanor and felony cases)

·         Civil Litigation (Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Domestic Relations Matters),

·         Disability Advocacy

·         Forensics (toxicology)

·         Juvenile Matters ? (child custody/visitation; molestation, abuse)

·         Interviews and Recorded Statements (voluntary and involuntary)

·         Investigation/Security Risk Consulting

·         Medical ?Legal (medical review for medical malpractice, personal injury, worker?s compensation)

·         Mitigation Assessments (behavioral psychology)

·         Public Records Retrieval

·         Surveillance/Covert Surveillance (Worker?s Compensation, Person Injury, Infidelity, Mystery Shopper, Corporate Investigations, Employee Theft, etc.,



·         Interviews of suspects, victims and witnesses for recorded or written statements

·         Complex defense and prosecution litigation of criminal and civil matters

·         Background Investigations (Intelligence Profiles and Skip Tracing)

·         Criminal Defense

·         Civil Litigation

·         Investigations/Surveillance/Covert Surveillance

·         Court System

·         Jury Selection

·         Mitigation Assessments

·         Pre-Sentencing Assessments

·         Post Convictions




·         Financial/Economics ? Ability to maximize the ?dollar? to reduce losses and manage money/capital so the business remains stable and continues to grow for expansion.


·         Human Resources - managing people effectively, profiling and identifying the right candidate for the position and terminating an employee/subcontractor after reasonable notice of insubordination or violation of policy; Recruiting, Training and Retention of Employees/Subcontractors for current and future roles; Staff member morale incentives.


·         Marketing - identify and penetrate the industry market; sell useful services/products to the targeted audience; gauge the market with competitors; Customer/Client incentive programs; Creation of Logo?s and/or Images; event planning.


·         Operating Management ? Optimize daily businesses functions and create efficient processes; negotiate contracts; address budget issues:  make strategic decisions about what customers are likely to buy and create company policies that help the staff members operate efficiently; ability to make decisions quickly and communicate effectively with a diverse audience large or small.


·         Information Systems ? Manage, utilize and integrate technology into a business.


·         Accounting ? Maintain records of income and expenses to work within a budget; Identify and

locate Shrinkage.




3/2009              Tennessee Network Association of Legal Professionals, (TNALP),

owner-administrator- member

2010                 Republican Candidate for Blount County Commissioner, District 6 Seat A

2005                 National Leadership Award, Honorary Chairman, Business Advisory Council, NRCC

1994 ? 2000      Tax Instructor, Jackson Hewitt Tax Course, Knoxville, TN

1984                Volunteer, Cissy Baker for Congress Campaign, Campbell County, TN

1981                 Chairperson, Campbell County Concerned Citizens, Jacksboro/LaFollette, TN

1981 ? 1981      Acting President, Campbell County Humane Society, Campbell County, TN


Former Member Tennessee Professional Investigators Association (T.P.I.A.)

Former Member Tennessee Association of Licensed Professional Investigators (T.A.L.P.I.)


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