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We accept Appointed Cases 

for State and Federal Courts 




Post Trial


Misdemeanor  or  Felony


Criminal or Civil

Services available to individuals, attorneys, insurance companies and other businesses

Auto Accident Investigations

Arson Investigations

Background Investigations

Bail Enforcement

Child Abuse - Child Custody - Child Visitation

Civil Investigations

Commercial Investigations

Computer Forensics and Security

Corporate Intelligence

Courier - Escort Services

Crime Scene Analysis

Criminal Defense

Criminal Investigations

Decoy - Undercover Investigations

DNA Analysis

Document and Handwriting Examination Analysis

Elder and Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Electronic, Photography and Video Surveillance

Employee Theft

Financial Assessments

Fire Explosions Investigations  

Forensic Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Home Invasions and Burglary

Homicide Investigations

Indentity Theft Investigations

Infidelity-Cheating Spouse Investigations

Insurance Investigations

Judgment Recovery Investigations

Jury Selection and Profiling

Legal Educational Seminars

Litigation Support Services 

Professional Development Workshops

Pre-Trial - Trial - Post Trial Investigations

Loss Prevention

Medical Malpractice

Missing Persons and Heirs Investigations

Mortgage Fraud Investigtions

Mystery Shoppers

People Locate and Skip Tracing

Pre-Employment Investigations

Probate Investigations

Property Recovery

Public Record Retrieval

Risk Assessments

Service of Process

Social Security Disability Advocacy 

Subrogation Investigations

Tenant Screening

Threat Assessment - Management

Video Depostions

Voice Identification

Voice Stress Evaluation

Witness Interviews - Affidavits

Workers' Compensation Claim Investigations

Workplace Discrimination and Violence

Wrongful Death Investigations


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