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Alpha Omega Legal Specialists was founded by Sheri Daniels Turner in 1998. Turner is a professional business woman and has been a career legal advocate since 1981.  Turner is a TN licensed private investigator since 1996, and worked in the legal profession since 1989.  Turner has an extensive education and background in Business, Behavioral Psychology,  Criminal Justice, Protective Services/Security, Litigation Paralegal and Law, with further studies focused in Management, Marketing and Public Relations. 

Turner is also a Social Security Disability Advocate; a speaker and presenter of Legal Educational Seminars and Professional Development Workshops. 

Turner has worked in other professional areas to include Media (Newspaper and Radio) Editor and Reporter, Human Resource Analyst and Director, Photographer and Videographer, Taxation Specialist, Business Consultant and Promotional Advertising Designer. 

Turner is the Founder, Administrator and Senior Moderator of Tennessee Network Association of Legal Professionals (T.N.A.L.P.); a member of (F.L.I.P.) Female Legal Investigative Professionals, and (T.A.L.P.I.) Tennessee Association of Licensed Professional Investigators. 

Turner began her legal career by the influence of her hometown law enforcement agencies, political and judicial public figures, as she began her career ambitions in 1981. 

Turner concentrated her education in various areas of the legal profession which has provided her an enhanced ability to serve our clients.   

Currently, Turner is working for Tennessee accreditation of all college credits to meet the requirements for taking the Tennessee Bar Examination for the Practice of Law.  Turner holds a Juris Doctorate, (Executive Program) - Summa Cum Lande 3.91 GPA , Credits (40). Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Credits (60) Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Credits (120) with additional studies in Paralegalism, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, Credits (12) Paralegal Studies, Credits (120). She has acquired a total of 352 college credits and was on the Dean's List during her college attendance.


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